Alumni and Supporters Chapter Resources

Only officially chartered Alumni and Supporters, who are in good standing are allowed to use the official FFA Emblem. For more information on use of the FFA emblem click the link to the National FFA Brand Center.

Being a member of the FFA Alumni and Supporters has many benefits to take advantage of, click the link for a full list of membership benefits.

For more information or resources visit the  National FFA Alumni and Supporters Website


Alumni and Supporters Chapters work with their local FFA Advisor and Chapter members to fundraise so that students can attend local, region, state and national conferences and conventions, and other member opportunities throughout the year. These funds help remove barriers to student participation. Recent changes in education funding have directly impacted how local FFA Chapters disperse funding which adversely affects a local chapters’ ability to fund individual students seeking greater opportunities. Tightened school district budgets along with these new regulations make an Alumni and Supporters Chapter, as a recognized non-profit, more valuable than ever.  Working with the local Agriculture educator and FFA Advisors, Alumni and Supporters can become the financial steward for the FFA Chapter. For more information and to read the full document from the MN Department of Education and the MN Department of Revenue. MN Department of Education fundraising regulations and MN Department of Revenue fundraising sales

Joel Larsen’s Presentation on FFA Fundraising 

Student Activity Accounting Manual

All FFA Alumni and Supporters are certified Non-profits (501 c 3 status). This status is important for taxes and for any fundraising that your chapter does. Again refer to Minnesota Department of Revenue Fundraising sales

Yearly Compliance Resources

Maintaining tax exempt Status

Filing Yearly taxes