SGLC / SLCCL Scholarships

State Greenhand Leadership Conference (SGLC)

The State Greenhand Leadership Conference is an event designed for first year FFA members. It is a five day conference that offers students an opportunity to learn more about the National FFA Organization, discover their potential as a student leader, meet people their age from across the state of Minnesota. To learn more and to register please visit MN FFA  

To apply for a scholarship for SGLC go to this link 

State Leadership Conference For Chapter Leaders (SLCCL)

State Leadership Conference for Chapter Leaders is a five day conference that focuses on the member’s ability to serve on the chapter level. Aspects of leadership and personal growth are also covered. This conference is designed primarily for high school sophomore and juniors. To learn more about SLCCL and to register please go to MN FFA. 

To apply for a scholarship for SLCCL go to this link.